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Preparation is Key

Dr Kamal Jeet Singh had been working as a GP for more than thirty years in his home country of India, before moving with his wife to be with their children who were studying here in Australia.

Moving halfway across the world can be a daunting experience, but Dr Singh knew early on that continuing to work in healthcare was what he wanted to do. “I couldn’t think of doing anything else except to be in my own profession”, he says. From here a relationship between Dr Singh and HWAV began, with his goal being to successfully complete his PESCI assessment and begin work in Victoria.

photograph kjs-editFaced with questions from others as to why he chose HWAV as his PESCI provider, Dr Singh’s answers were simple. “Firstly, I would not have to travel out of Melbourne [to complete the assessment interview]” he says, and secondly he was able to book his assessment interview easily with minimum waiting time, therefore not delaying further his time out of work.

Although he did not succeed in his first attempt, Dr Singh was determined to try again. He believes the critical factor in his failure was a lack of preparation, having “not structured it well”, however HWAVs assistance was beneficial and therefore lead him to attempt the PESCI at a later time. Dr Singh passed his second attempt.

Despite his initial struggles Dr Singh believes “it is your own preparation and presentation that makes the difference”. He says “although [medical] knowledge is paramount, there are other domains that are assessed by the panel members” that you need to know just as well.

As for advice to those who are preparing for their PESCI, Dr Singh has some encouraging words of wisdom. “Believe in yourself, prepare well, be confident and you shall succeed”.

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