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An applicant applying for limited or provisional registration to work in General Practice is required to complete a PESCI.

You should only arrange a PESCI before applying for registration, if you can meet all the requirements in the Medical Board of Australia (MBA) registration standards for your type of registration

If you are applying for limited registration for area of need to work in general practice, you must have at least three years full-time equivalent (FTE) experience working in general practice or primary care.

When applying for a PESCI the applicant must provide proof of the following qualifications and supporting documentation:

  • IMGs applying for limited registration or provisional registration must provide evidence of being awarded a primary qualification in medicine and surgery by a training institution recognised by both the Australian Medical Council and the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS)
  • Primary source verification
    The primary source verification of medical qualifications is mandated under the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law Act 2009 (National Law) for all IMGs seeking registration in any category in Australia
    More information about the primary source verification process is available on the AMC website
  • Completed the Multi Choice Question (MCQ) examination of the Australian Medical Council (AMC) certificate
  • English language test passed within the last two years, must be valid at time of interview and AHPRA registration. More information visit the AHPRA website
  • IMGs are eligible for provisional registration via the Competent Authority pathway if the IMG meets the defined requirements for a Competent Authority country. More information about the Competent Authority pathway is available from the Medical Board of Australia website. If applying for Provisional Registration through the Competent Authority pathway, in addition to the above requirements, the applicant must provide proof of completion of the AMC clinical examination.

Medical Registration Standards

The Medical Board of Australia has made changes to the requirements for limited registration. IMGs applying for or renewing limited registration for area of need, to work in a general practice position for the first time in Australia, must have at least three years’ (full-time equivalent) experience working in general practice or primary care.

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