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How it works

The PESCI is conducted by either three experienced, Vocationally Registered General Practitioners or two experienced, Vocationally Registered General Practitioners and a Community Representative.

There are two sections to the PESCI;

The first section takes the form of open questions to explore your experience and skills according to your Curriculum Vitae (CV) and your interest in working in an Australian General Practice.

Also, your understanding and expectations of the position to be assessed, supervision responsibilities of you and the supervisor and training requirements for the position.

The second section consists of five (5) clinical scenarios. You will be asked to comment on and describe how you would manage the patient in the Australian General Practice context.

The PESCI is based on the five domains of General Practice (RACGP). The five domains of General Practice provide a comprehensive, robust framework for ensuring that the key skill areas of General Practice are included in education and training:

Five Domains of General Practice

  1. Communication Skills and the Doctor-Patient Relationship
  2. Applied Professional Knowledge and Skills
  3. Population Health and the context of General Practice
  4. Professional and Ethical Role
  5. Organisational and Legal Dimensions

How much does it cost?

How long will the PESCI take?

How often can I sit for the PESCI?

What happens if the position is no longer available?

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